Personal Website

Over these several months of quarantine, I invested time into learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery to design and build this personal site/portfolio as a free time project. Prior to this endeavor, I had no experience with web development, but through learning and applying the different information I have gained a solid understanding of the different technologies and how they interact together. I utilized several different resources to learn how to design this site, such as books, video tutorials, and other general web development tutorials, the most helpful of which I have linked below if you are interested learning how to do so as well. I also spent a lot of time studying existing website designs that I thought looked clean, and studied their source code and style to learn how they went about implementing features and layouts. This was also an effective way to learn best practices in web development, and how to make a site responsive, without having a formal education.

Helpful Books

Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set by Jon Duckett

Recommended books for learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Design

Helpful Video Playlists (by mmtuts on YouTube)

HTML and CSS Tutorials

JavaScript Tutorials

jQuery Tutorials

Helpful Guide to Building a Personal Website

"The Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website" by Thomas Frank